Our Beers

Wigram Brewing company was established in 2003. Built on a passion for brewing and a love of beer, Wigram Brewing Company strives to produce individual beers for beer lovers.

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Captain Fantastic - Morning Glory

Hazy IPA

5.8% ALC/VOL

HAZY IPA 5.8% abv. Take the leap with this unique Hazy New England IPA (NEIPA). Creamy and opaque in appearance, soft and smooth in body. This brew delivers Tropical & Citrus notes with a lush and 'juicy' mouth-feel. Cascade & a new variety - Hort 4337 are the Hops used and a Norwegian yeast by the name of Kveik. We think we're up on a 'Peak' with this beer - it's Hazy and Cloudy but Captain Fantastic is good to go!

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Propeller Lager


5.0% ALC/VOL

New Zealand style golden lager brewed from Canterbury grown malts and classic Nelson hops. This golden lager is medium bodied with light crisp hop bitterness. Easy, enjoyable quaffing lager with taste, flavour and altitude all year round.

Ginger Jerry Cropped&Straightened.png

Ginger Jerry

Wit Bier

4.0% ALC/VOL

Ginger Jerry has the full body of a wheat beer with the extra zing of infused ginger, honey and lemon resulting in a naturally sweet spice aroma. Radiating with a warm rich orange hue, brewed with a Belgium yeast and low in alcohol, Ginger Jerry is a refreshing beer for all seasons.

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Jetpack Double IPA


7.8% ALC/VOL

Dry hopped twice to supply an intense dank hop injection. Pouring a pale russet orange-brown this American style Double IPA presents an impressive foam head. A woosh of grapefruit, passion-fruity and pine aromas jump out of the glass and hit the senses immediately.

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Mustang C&S.png

Mustang Pale Ale


5.0% ALC/VOL

Mustang IPA is our crafted copper coloured IPA with a medium-high hop bitterness coupled with English variety hop character. The beer is top fermented using a classic English ale yeast.

Ace C&S.png

Ace Smokey Porter


7.2% ALC/VOL

Unfiltered and naturally conditioned, our Smokey Porter encapsulates all the intense malt flavours of an Imperial Porter and adds to them with the addition of Manuka-smoked malt. Chocolate & espresso aromas abound. This brew is velvet smooth, with a lush full creamy mouthfeel. Residual sweetness is balanced by punchy coffee flavours with preside over wood fire smoke. 2018 Beer & Cider Award Gold Medal.

Pilsner C&S.png

Bavarian Pilsner


5.0% ALC/VOL

This pilsner has a slight malty aroma. It has a clean hop flavour at the initial taste followed by a crisp finish. The pilsner malt flavour is complemented by a slight lingering bitterness.

Czar C&S.png

Czar Imperial Russian Stout


8.5% ALC/VOL

Brewed in the authentic historical style of an Imperial Russian Stout, this big bold beer is crafted from rich roasted and toasted malts, fermented with a classic English ale yeast this Czarist favourite is an intense, living, bottle condition, full bodied Stout. At 8.5% abv The Czar lives up to it's name.

Honey Ale C&S.png

Harvard Honey Ale


6.0% ALC/VOL

This copper coloured ale has a faint honey aroma. This mild, medium body beer has a distinct honey flavour balanced well with a clean crisp hoppy finish. At the end, a slight sweetness stays on the palate.

Spruce Beer C&S.png

Spruce Beer


5.0% ALC/VOL

Captain James Cook was the first person to brew beer in NZ. He brewed ale style beers here during visits in the 18th century. He used molasses with Manuka and Rimu foliage in his beers. The same ingredients are used in our version of this ale. A dark copper colour and clean distinctive spicey finish.

ruby cider S&C.png

Ruby Cider

Berry Cider

4.5% ALC/VOL

WWII pilots decorated their planes with nose art that took them to their happy places and whispered promises of good times to come. Our cider trio Jerry, Ruby and Coco deliver great summer flavours that bring the humble apple to life. Complement with nibbles or a bbq or make some summer cider cocktails.

Vienna Lager C&S.png

Vienna Lager


5.0% ALC/VOL

This Vienna-style lager has a deep golden copper colour, malty aroma and a slight malt sweetness. The bitterness is medium, clean and crisp.

Plane Jane C&S.png

Plane Jane Cider

Apple Cider

4.5% ALC/VOL

WWII pilots decorated their planes with nose art that took them to their happy places and whispered promises of good times to come. Our cider trio Jerry, Ruby and Coco deliver great summer flavours that bring the humble apple to life. Complement with nibbles or a bbq or make some summer cider cocktails.

Wee Reeky C&S.png

Wee Reeky

Peat Smoked Scotch Ale

6.8% ALC/VOL

Pouring a deep russet reddish-brown, our Scotch Ale presents strong toasty, nutty malt aromas with just a hint of earthy smoke. Intense flavours of caramel and sweet malt add to the full-bodied mouth feel. A subtle addition of peat smoked malt round off the finish. Wee Reeky is best paired with Venison or a pungent cheese. Slanj!

Munchner C&S.png

Munchner Dunkel

Dark Lager

5.0% ALC/VOL

German style dark lager with toasted malt flavours and aroma. Lightly hopped using classic varieties. This brown lager beer is refreshing with subtle bitterness and rich malt characters.

Tornado C&S.png

Tornado Strong


6.6% ALC/VOL

A big strong, full bodied Pale Ale with a twist in the tail. A generous combination of classic English and New Zealand hop cultivars and five Canterbury malts, this brew is guaranteed to pick you up and drop you off in a much better spot.

Hefe C&S.png

Hefe Weizen

Wheat Beer

5.0% ALC/VOL

This is a German-style cloudy wheat beer. It has a light malt flavour with pronounced clove and banana spiciness. This ale's predominant flavour is produced from the specialty yeast used in fermentation.

Best Bitter C&S.png

Bristol Best Bitter

Malt Ale

4.5% ALC/VOL

This English-style bitter has a nice hoppy aroma. This full flavour malt ale is enhanced by its noteworthy hop flavour and balanced bitterness.

Wing Walker C&S.png

Wing Walker

Hazy New England IPA

5.5% ALC/VOL

Take a walk on the wild side with this delicious Hazy Pale Ale from Wigram Brewing Co. It has been crafted using Aotearoa's finest malts, and a blend of iconic American Nobel hops, to give you a Hazy Beer with juicy passionfruit and citrus flavours and aromas. Full on NEIPA Hazy as with all American Hops.

Kortegast C&S.png


Sparkling Ale

5.0% ALC/VOL

A full strength Red Sparkling Ale crafted from the original hops, their location until recently lost, grown on the banks of the Hokitika River by pioneer Hokitika brewer, Mr William C. J. Kortegast. Red in colour, low to medium bitterness with the aromatic flavour of the Hokitika hops on the finish.

Astro Apollo C&S.png

Astro Apollo

Kiwi Krona Bier

4.8% ALC/VOL

Lift off with this light summer style pale lager. Featuring two Canterbury malts and hops Jim, but not as we know it. Refreshing on a summer day - or any time. Launch into an Apollo. It won't allow defiance of gravity, but it will improve your moonwalk.

Morning Glory C&S.png

Morning Glory Breakfast Beer

Golden Ale

4.8% ALC/VOL

6 cereals were used in creating this continental breakfast beer. This is not a fry up! The warm glow of the morning sun is captured in the generously hopped golden ale.